When it comes to cuckolding, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular fetish categories in the adult entertainment industry. Cuckolding involves an intimate relationship between a dominant male and a submissive female. The man takes on the role of the cuckold, or “the husband” while the woman assumes the role of the bull or “the wife”. In this type of relationship, the cuckold allows his wife to have sexual relations with other men, usually with his knowledge and consent.The appeal of cuckolding lies in its mix of dominance and submission between couples. The idea is that the man taking on this role gives his partner permission to indulge in her own sexual desires with someone else, while still being able to maintain control over her actions through his presence and guidance. This sets up an interesting balance between trust and power that can be incredibly arousing for both participants. Cuckolding also has strong BDSM elements as well, as it incorporates aspects such as humiliation play. In this scenario, the cuckold may be made to watch his wife engaged in sexual acts with another man or take part in activities such as “forced bi” where he will be made to perform sexual acts on another man while his wife watches. There is a lot of potential for creativity within this fetish category and many people find it incredibly stimulating due to its combination of control and humiliation. If you are interesting in exploring cuckolding further, there are plenty of great videos on PornDude that explore this taboo topic in detail! Whether you are looking for videos featuring hardcore scenes or something more sensual and romantic, PornDude has something for everyone when it comes to cuckolding movies!

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